Is the booth ventilated?

Whether you’re taking a quick call or on an hour-long video conference, it’s important to us that you feel cool, calm, and collected in our ventilated phone booth. In our initial testing, we've learned that a fan on its own would simply allow the air inside to get warmer and warmer the longer you stay inside, circulating warm air as a result. To avoid this issue, we’ve developed a ventilation system that constantly circulates fresh air within our phone booth when it’s plugged in. Each ventilated phone booth comes equipped with an ultra-quiet fan housed in the roof and discreet airflow inlets in the floor. The fan helps draw in fresh air from the exterior of the booth, allowing cool air to flow through the inlets. Warmer air rises to the top of the booth and escapes through the roof. In order to optimize airflow, we recommend adjusting the feet of our ventilated soundproof office booth so that the unit is raised about 1 ¼ inches off the ground.

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