We’re here to help.
We’re here to help.
The Room

Q: Do you have any showrooms where we can see the product?

Yes! Stop by any of our showrooms in New York, San Francisco, or Berlin to see the room yourself. You can find the addresses and hours here. If you can’t make it to a showroom, we’d be happy to schedule a video demo — just send us an email at support@getroom.com.

Q: Can I customize my room?

Absolutely. If you’re ordering 25 rooms or more, we can work with you on a custom design.

Q: Do you offer any rooms for two people?

We’re currently focused on offering the best quiet space for one person. We’ll let you know when we’re ready to accommodate two people.

Q: Do you offer any ADA-certified rooms?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any ADA-certified rooms at this time.

Q: Do your rooms have ethernet ports or phone jacks?

No. Our rooms work best with WiFi and cell phones.

Q: How good is the soundproofing?

Sorry, what did you say?

Q: Will the table in the room be too high for me?

Our tables are standard bar height. Most people find the height comfortable when sitting on a barstool or standing.

Q: Is the chair included?

No, but you can find the one we really like here.

Q: Where is your product made?

It’s manufactured at our factory in Portugal.

Q: Can I move my room around the office?

Absolutely. Just make sure to use furniture pads to minimize damage to the adjustable feet and to avoid scratching the floor.


Q: When will my room arrive?

We include free standard shipping with every order, and we also offer expedited shipping via air freight for an additional charge. For customized booths, shipping times may vary.

Q: How many boxes will my room arrive in?

Just three flat boxes. Please see the dimensions below:

Box 1: 89.17” x 42.72” x 5.31” (tall and skinny)

Box 2: 89.17” x 42.72” x 3.94” (tall and skinny)

Box 3: 42.72” x 42.72” x 9.45” (square and fat)

Q: Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to the US. However, as we grow, we’re committed to making more ROOM around the world. If you’re curious about our product and want to learn more, just send us a quick email, and we’ll go from there!


Q: Will you assemble my room for me?

Our rooms are easy to assemble, but if you need some extra help, we’re happy to assemble it for you. When you complete your order, simply select the option to add on assembly. The cost is $350 per room.

Q: Where can I find assembly instructions?

You can download it here. If you have any questions during assembly, please email support@getroom.com or call us at 646-791-3726.

Q: What tools will I need?

The only tools you’ll need are a hex key and a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Q: How long will it take?

Assembly typically takes two people thirty minutes. The current record is five minutes and thirty-five seconds.


Q: How does the 100-day trial work?

We’re confident you’ll love our rooms. If you order one and you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll provide a full refund and arrange for return shipping.

The 100-day trial begins upon delivery, and it applies only to your first unit.

Q: Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a two-year warranty on all rooms, which covers the full cost of repairs or replacements due to manufacturing defects.

Q: Are these rooms compliant with fire code?

Yes. The strictest fire codes typically require sprinklers to be installed in any structures greater than four feet (48 inches) in width. Our rooms are 41.3 inches wide. For more info, you can check out the New York City Building Code here.

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