Limited Edition in partnership
with A/D/O

Design by Tuppence Collective

Creativity at Work

We believe that building an inspired workplace begins with inspiring people. We need room to stretch our thinking and awaken our passion, and our curiosity deserves an unending canvas. Each limited edition collection is a unique collaboration with artists from around the world. By reimagining space, we make room for new ideas and a more creative workplace.


Luscious palms and banana leaves with colors reminiscent of nightfall help the mind relax and unwind.


Palm Pattern


Playful and colorful, this booth brightens the mood with palm trees laid against a pink summer sunset.


Palm Background


Bamboos draped with vines and woven with palms create a clean, natural, and relaxed feeling.


Palm Background

A limited edition for a space with no limits

A/D/O is a creative hub built for designers and open for all. Founded by MINI, A/D/O serves the creative community locally and globally, providing a meeting space for designers from all backgrounds. Custom designed with the A/D/O community in mind, the Botanical collection provides a quiet place people need to make phone calls and focus, making room for creative exchange and effective collaboration.
As a public space that fosters a creative community, we are thrilled that we can now offer a private space for guests to take important calls. ROOM has brought the future of work to A/D/O.

A UK design duo with a flair for natural environments

Founded in 2015 by Alicia Perry and Rebecca Intavarant, Tuppence Collective is a surface pattern design studio based in London. They design and hand paint original patterns inspired by beautiful botanicals and modern design.
Our pattern design is meant to truly transport employees to a place of relaxation. The booths allow creativity to flourish by providing privacy and inspiration to the modern worker.
Alicia & Rebecca
Whenever we create a design, we’re always conscious that we want our work to appeal to both men and women. Our focus has always been on botanicals, as we wanted to show that floral doesn’t have to mean feminine. We try not to be influenced by current trends, since our aim is to create designs that are timeless.
For inspiration, we tend to look back to the arts and crafts movement but also incorporate brighter colors and tropical foliage for a more modern feel. This way, we combine the essence of old and new, much like what ROOM is doing by giving the classic phone booth a modern twist. All of our designs are hand painted for a more traditional yet illustrative feel.

We find that creativity at work is promoted by surrounding yourself with inspiration; anything from a beautiful mug to an ornate antique rug can provide stimulation within what can sometimes be a stifled workplace. The patterns we’ve created for this project would not only surround the user with inspiring design but also with nature, giving her a sense of sitting in a tropical forest or on a Malibu beach while at work. The colors combined with botanicals are uplifting and encourage imagination and creativity.
Step one
Inspired by botanical gardens from around the world, the duo begin by sketching on square pieces of paper.
Step two
Each pattern is hand painted using acrylics to create an opaque, illustrative look.
Step three
The paintings are scanned and the background color is selected for final print.

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